The DevLearn Cotton Candy Challenge



Nov 1, 2022

“Cotton Candy – now that’s brilliant!,” exclaimed one of the attendees as she spotted our Cotton Candy MasterChef, Huy, from a distance. The next minute, Sarah was trying her hand at making the biggest and the best-looking cotton candy to win our Cotton Candy Challenge. Our success at the DevLearn 2022 event, on the back of our cotton candy theme, proved to be a pleasant surprise – beyond our humble expectations. We were often asked what prompted us to bring a cotton candy machine to the booth in the first place. At Uplancer, we obsess about building common-sense solutions for complicated challenges. It was no different this time.

When choosing the right marketing prop for the event, we wanted to go with something that would match with our brand identity – both in terms of personality and the colors. Obviously, one look at our brand colors would make you think of cotton candy. It’s fun and we’re a big fan of having fun! So, who doesn’t like cotton candy? Instead of handing out only cotton candy, we wanted our attendees to have a memorable experience. Cotton candy has been around for some time, but when was the last time you made a cotton candy on your own? We wanted to focus on having more than just a good conversation starter. We wanted to leave a lasting impression on our attendees by inviting them to create their own experience at our booth. Bringing a cotton candy machine to the booth was a no-brainer!

However, we did not expect that the cotton candy machine would be such a hit! Some of our attendees returned on the second day to make even more cotton candy. Others brought their friends to try their hand at crafting these fluffy clouds of deliciousness. There were a few attendees who only wanted cotton candy without leaving details, but we’ll get them next year! Regardless, we were able to distinguish ourselves from other translation companies at DevLearn by applying our Local IQTM framework to amplify our brand.

When you’re attending an event, you need to consider your target audience, your competition and how you can make your content more memorable. It’s no different than when you’re creating new e-learning content for a new market or localizing content for employees who speak different languages; you’ll need to account for language, design, technology, your target audience, accessibility, and even legal compliance of your learners. This is Local IQTM – the world’s first and only framework for e-learning content that delivers better learning outcomes across your organization.

By the end of DevLearn, we humbly received raving compliments from our neighbors and attendees about our booth design and for our use of cotton candy. We’re thankful for all of the support and positive feedback, and cannot wait to meet everyone again next year. We promise to be back with more cotton candy! Or perhaps something even better! See you next year!

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