You’ll hear us saying “digital common sense” over and over again. So what does it truly mean? We define digital common sense as keeping things simple and to avoid the complicated. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and we’re big believers of that.

At the core of digital common sense are four pillars: TGBBW (see below), results driven, root cause analysis, and continuous improvement.

Digital Common Sense Starts with, There’s Gotta Be a Better Way!

If you’ve ever wondered or are currently wondering, “there’s gotta be a better way “(TGBBW), then wonder no more. TGBBW is the crux and the first pillar of common sense. It’s also when we come into the picture.

We challenge every common sense solution with the TGBBW test. If there’s a better way, then we’ll find it and deliver it to you. Whether that’s through a website, an app, or digital marketing, our common sense solutions are easy to manage, simple to understand, and future proof.

Digital Common Sense is Results Driven

When approaching any problem, we’re hyper focused on delivering the most common sense solution. But how do we quantify common sense?

By measuring and benchmarking results, we can actually quantify common sense for every solution. Depending on your organizational goals, the driving force behind your solution might be costs and/or revenue focused. We pair this focus with industry best practices, our own experiences, and data analytics to help select and deliver the most common sense solution.

Digital Common Sense is Root Cause Analysis

You know your stuff and how to fix the same problems, every time they happen. As a result, your fix may be temporary and the easiest and most cost-effective solution. However, does the problem keep happening?

Common sense states that we need to address the root cause and not just the surface issue. This third pillar guides us to dive deep into your problem. With a fresh perspective, we’re able to ask the right questions to not only know your problem inside and out, but also to identify the not so obvious  details around it. In doing so, we’re able to fully flush the root problem and develop a solution that’s customized for your organization.

Digital Common Sense is Continuous Improvement

Internally, common sense has become synonymous for continuous improvement. The fact is, a solution that’s perfect now may not be later. There’s no such thing as forever, so if you’re looking for a permanent solution, your solution needs to be maintained. We’ve recognized this as our final pillar.

Typically, we break down projects into an initial and ongoing phase. In the initial phase, the bulk of  project’s resources is used to stand up a common sense solution. Once it’s stood up, the ongoing phase is designed to tweak your initial solution to match your evolving organization. This continuous stage is an intimate process and requires a deep collaboration with partners to properly design and maintain lasting solutions.

The Bottom Line / TLDR

Common sense isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of thought, attention, and planning. It is constantly scrutinized, benchmarked, analyzed, and improved. You’ll notice that digital common sense is cost-effective, is quick, and gets it right the first time. It’s sometimes a 10-minute phone call that immediately solves your problem and gets you your, I should have thought of that moment! If you’re facing a problem that needs our common sense approach, reach out to our team for a quick and free consultation!

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I've made plenty of mistakes throughout my career while working with companies of one to companies of 100,000+. I've often learned the hard way and have recognized teachings that could help others from making my same mistakes. That's why I'm sharing my learnings with you through 5-minute digital common sense articles, so that you can avoid wasting hours upon hours of learning the hard way like I did. Follow me on LinkedIn.

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