Often, startups and mature organizations are drawn to AWS for the long-term benefits with cost. However, you may not know it but AWS provides some amazing funding opportunities to help kickstart a venture or to migrate a business to the cloud. Let’s take a quick look at some of the funding programs available by AWS.

AWS Activate

AWS runs a startup-friendly program, known as AWS Activate, which offers $1,000 in AWS credits (must be used within 12 months of approval). According to AWS: 

“AWS Activate is open to bootstrapped, self-funded, and funded startups up to and including Series A. Startups must have been founded within the last 10 years, and have a functioning website or public profile.”

In other words, pretty much any startup qualifies! While $1,000 doesn’t seem like a large sum, typical cloud startup costs tend to range between $1,000 – $3,000 in the first year, especially if you are building a serverless architecture. It gets even better. If you’re a mature startup that is backed by an AWS-approved VC, you may qualify for an additional $100k in AWS credits!

There are some strategies when applying and using AWS Activate. We recommend that you wait until the first beta version of your app is ready. AWS Activate credits can be used immediately without worry of expiring and can help extend your startup’s runway.

AWS Jumpstart

This is one of the flagship programs for startups requiring a functional cloud solution on AWS. Typically, AWS Jumpstart is earmarked for MVPs that leverage their promoted services. AWS Jumpstart prefers ambitious cloud projects with a significant investment. If you qualify for AWS Jumpstart, you may receive funding of up to half of your initial statement of work (SOW) cost! In other words, your startup receives real dollars that go toward building your product.

The question is, who qualifies for AWS Jumpstart? Much like AWS Activate, this program is targeted for startups. Make sure you are bootstrapped or a self-funded company and are building towards an at scale cloud solution on AWS. You must work with an APN Partner, like Uplancer, to submit a fully-fledged application to AWS, detailing the scope and budget of your app, as well as business details. Reach out to us to get started with your AWS Jumpstart application.

Migration Acceleration Program

MAP, otherwise known as the Migration Acceleration Program, is ideal for mid to large-sized companies looking to migrate their on-premises assets or cloud assets elsewhere to AWS. MAP does not have a preset amount of funding to assist you with your migration process. However, based on your unique situation, you may qualify for one-off funding to offset some of the expenses incurred during and immediately after migration. Similar to AWS Jumpstart, you’ll need to work alongside a certified APN partner to apply and qualify for the funding.

Well Architected Framework Review

This is one of the lesser-known funding avenues and applies to both startups and mature companies. In order to qualify, an APN partner must audit your AWS resources using the Well Architected Framework. Based on your audit, you may be entitled to an AWS credit amount of up to $5,000 (valid for one or two years). To kick things off, connect with us to begin your Well Architected Framework review today.

The Bottom Line

AWS offers four major funding opportunities for businesses to use towards a new venture or to migrate to AWS. As a requirement, you’ll need to partner with an APN-certified provider to walk you through the process and to apply for the right funding program. If you’re interested in building a cloud-based startup or migrating to AWS, contact us for guidance around the AWS funding programs as well as help build your cloud solutions!

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