Liquid: Crypto Transcreation



Mar 9, 2021

Liquid by Quoine is a leading trading platform formed in 2014 that is disrupting the cryptocurrency trading space. In doing so, Liquid has benefited traders and consumers with the security and technology to learn, grow and mold their ideal financial future. As new markets see value in cashless currency, Liquid continually launches new features, such as Liquid Infinity and Liquid Perpetuals as well as embraced new regulations to pull new users onto their platform.

Liquid needed a way to contextualize their current and upcoming product offerings into new markets while being mindful of their users’ native experience. Marek Michalski, the product manager, was tasked to translate their current marketing content without sacrificing the intent of the marketing message into Korean.

The Challenge: Communicating to a Global Audience without Losing Context

  • Connecting with users through a native experience was missing from their marketing: Liquid’s current site offered Korean for their end users. However, after a review of the Korean, robotic translations were apparent across the whole site. More importantly, there was a disconnect between Liquid’s marketing message and what users were concluding. The lack of a native experience forced users to accept the flaws or move onto a more native Korean platform.
  • Bridging the gap between being overworked and being effective: Liquid’s internal team was too busy scaling the business. As a result, translations slowly lagged behind as something in the back burner. Without a self-managed translation process, translations will continue to be secondary to other tasks at hand.
  • Integrating a skilled translation team into their existing translation process: Translators not only need linguistic skills, but also a technical background to navigate Liquid’s existing translation process. Translators also need to follow the guidelines and translation memory that can be difficult to implement when terminology is quite niche in crypto.

The Solution : Uplancer

  • Native experience through transcreation: Translations are often direct and completely wrong. Localization will get the message across, but it does not consider the tone and intent of marketing. Uplancer’s transcreation contextualizes every aspect of the marketing message for the end users for a more native experience. As a result, Liquid’s new signups increased nearly 50% in the first month of release.
  • Plugging in the right pieces to automate translations: After understanding more about Liquid’s translation process, Uplancer assigned a team of translators and project manager to eliminate any gaps within the workflow. QA was strictly enforced internally on the Uplancer team as well as on the Liquid team to reduce errors.
  • Prescreened translators: Uplancer’s onboarding process showcased expert translators from cryptocurrency backgrounds. Technically, the translators were tested about their knowledge in cryptocurrency. Technologically, Uplancer translators were trained by the project manager to integrate the Liquid translations tech stack into their skillset.

With the help of Uplancer, Liquid is able to consistently deliver a native experience for their new features without disrupting their workflow.

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