As marketing and website development professionals, we’re all wondering this question. There are plenty of no-code solutions out there that will handle most of the technical aspects of website development. However, when you dive into it, artificial intelligence (AI) is far from guessing and getting your brand identity correct. When it’s pulling the best and worst ideas from all across the world, you’ll get something in between. We consider those ideas mediocre at best! Keep on reading to understand why we’re not concerned about AI and how we leverage it for website development.

Website Copy is King

With the advent of chatGPT and, you’ve got plenty of tools to write the next content piece for your company. The issue is if everyone is using the same tools, how will you differentiate your prompts/content from someone else’s prompts/content? For example, the prompt, “write an article about growth marketing” will result in a similar output as the prompt, “write an article about growth marketing backed by data analytics”. You can keep adding more adjectives to the prompt but the core writing will look and sound the same. Don’t believe me? Give it a try!

As a result, the need for a more authentic voice is needed more than ever during this AI age. A voice that fully represents you and your brand. AI is a great starting point, not an ending point. Use it to generate initial content ideas and build on top of those ideas.

Website Design Needs to be Unique

AI-generated designs suffer the same problems as AI-generated copy; they output similar styles and layouts and get lost in the AI sea of sameness. Don’t get me wrong, using AI is great for initial design concepts and for getting past design blocks, by providing different design ideas and perspectives. However, if you’re relying on it to do everything design-wise, it’s only a matter of time before you start looking like your competitors who are doing the same thing! 

One thing to keep in mind is that there is such a thing as being overly unique. Take, for example, a gravel company. This company may not be well received if its brand is too flashy or too modern since it may come off as too gimmicky or cheap. This is an extreme example of why context matters in every industry. Oftentimes, we have to remind our client partners of this when they get carried away with being overly unique!

Up and Running in a Matter of Minutes

The nice thing about AI is that it has made our lives easier. It will write copy, pick out images, and design the layout of different web pages for us. It does it all, reducing the time that’s needed for us to build and deploy a website from scratch. That doesn’t mean AI does a good job. Therefore, if you’re using AI, make sure to use it only as a starting point.

Legal Concerns with AI

AI is changing every aspect of our lives for better and for worse. From a legal perspective, we don’t know the fate of AI. Currently, many AI models leverage content from copyrighted sources from all across the world. So is the generated content legal for use and is not plagiarized? We have no idea and is up for legislation for many governments. 

The Bottom Line / TLDR

Long story short, we don’t believe AI will replace website development any time soon. Many starting points of a website can be built using AI. However, care must be taken with AI. Revise the generated content to ensure that your brand is front and center and that your designs and copy are unique. It’s a great tool to have even with its disadvantages.

Unsure of how to leverage AI in your current marketing efforts? Reach out to Uplancer and we’ll help build out your AI capabilities to maintain a lasting website. Looking for more? Check out our other services!

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