On the fence about updating your website? Take a look at four reasons why you should below. We’re assuming that you’ve already implemented website analytics and have access to past data. We’re also assuming that the overall market conditions, such as COVID-19 for the restaurant industry, are not greatly impacting your business.

1. Your Website Traffic Is Decreasing

The first sign that it’s time to update your website is from decreasing web traffic. It could result from your competitors outranking you on search due to stale content and/or your website bad SEO. In other words, search engines like Google and Bing consider your content as not interesting for customers. From a paid media perspective, your ads may be losing traffic due to poor landing page design and/or content. From a social media perspective, your customers may not even care about the content built around your service or product offerings!

Regardless of what’s causing your traffic to decrease, you and your team can address it because it stems from something wrong with your website. Therefore, diagnose the traffic reasoning(s) and fix your website accordingly.

2. Your Website Conversions Are Dropping

A decrease in conversions usually goes hand-in-hand with a decrease in website traffic. When you notice conversions decreasing month over month on your website, there’s definitely something going on. It can be from several things: a broken website link, an expired website security license, or weak website content. If you’ve got analytics implemented correctly, you’ll know which page is dropping off with conversions and which parts of your website are engaging for your customers. As a result, you’ll be able to build a better website for your customers.

3. Your Search Rank is Dropping

If you’re appearing lower and lower on search engine results pages (SERPS) for target keywords, it’s time to rethink your site. Lower SERPS ranking usually results in decreases to website traffic and conversions. Lower SERPS is also correlated with content; bad content can result in bad search rankings. .

So how do you know whether your SERPS rank is dropping each month? There are many tools that you can use to monitor your ranking in search, such as Moz and Semrush, but they can be pricey. A digital agency can help you pull these reports, and provide insights and action items for your website to improve your SERPS ranking.

4. Your Company’s Growth has Plateaued

We get it, you’ve perfected your operating model at the current company size. It’s a safe space to be. However, if you’re eager for exponential growth, it’s time to think differently! Have you considered supplementing your marketing needs with third-party marketing support? They can bring a different perspective for improving and attacking your website. Or maybe it’s time to expand your current content for a richer customer experience. With more content, you’ll encourage more conversations from customers, allowing for a bigger share of search results on Google and Bing. That’s why you should give updating your website a try for addressing your stagnant company growth!

The Bottom Line / TLDR

Building and maintaining the best website is a challenge. Understand that it’s not always an obvious answer. Look for signs in your website’s conversions, traffic, and search rank, and company growth to understand whether you should update your website. Reach out to the Uplancer team to get further details on whether you should do something about your website today!

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