If you’ve never heard of WordPress, it is currently being used to build over 810 million websites throughout the world. That number is constantly growing, at about 500 new websites built each day. Compared to Wix and similar website software, WordPress is far more popular and in our own opinion, is the gold standard for marketing teams. Understand why there’s so much buzz around WordPress below.

Content Management System (CMS)

The biggest advantage for using WordPress is managing content. Non-technical staff can access and manage website content with ease. That means images, text, and icons can be swapped out with minimal effort. Sure, there are substitutes to WordPress that does the exact same thing. However, you won’t find a more widely used CMS.

Ease of WordPress Setup 

With any CMS, there are a couple of steps that you need to complete before your site is live. First is to set up your server with the right parameters. Second is to install a WordPress instance on your server. Fortunately for anyone considering WordPress, hosting providers will usually have a quick process for setting it up with minimal effort. Once you’ve got WordPress installed, the last thing to consider is whether to use a visual builder package or theme. Did I forget to mention that all of that can be done in 20 minutes with little to no technical expertise?   

Active Support Community 

Due to the sheer number of users, theres a good chance that whatever problems you’re facing has already been faced by someone else. As a result, you’ll likely find answers to a problem you’re facing after a brief search. If not, you’ll get an answer in a few weeks after the support community figures out your problem and releases an update fix. For those familiar with Stack Overflow, WordPress support borrows a similar approach with communities coming together to ask questions as well as source answers to those questions. 

WordPress Plugin, Plugin, Plugins! 

Need something specific to your site? Chances are, there’s probably a plugin that does it and can be easily installed. You’ll just need to find it and install it. Sometimes the plugin isn’t free and even if it isn’t free, it’s not going to cost you more than a couple of hundred bucks to purchase. It’s the price of convenience as compared to paying a developer to build something custom for your site. Regardless, plugins are easy to manage and if you’ve picked a popular one, it will be routinely updated to keep pace with all the WordPress updates. 

The Bottom Line

There’s a reason almost half the sites on the web are WordPress. They are easy to set up and easy to use, making it a popular choice. They also are supported through communities and plugins, which provides improved troubleshooting and nearly unlimited cusotmizations. If you’re considering WordPress or looking to discuss your website, reach out to our team for a free consultation.  

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