Cloud computing is expected to be a $623.3 billion industry in 2023 worldwide. It’s a popular option for firms with established IT teams and plenty of in-house technology to use. It does come at a cost. However, it doesn’t have to break the bank! In fact, cloud computing’s cost reductions may help with managing your budget in the long run while increasing workplace efficiency.

Let’s dive into how cloud computing can help the bottom line at your organization.

Cloud Computing Reduces IT Overhead

IT departments leveraging cloud computing will definitely have less headcount in the long run. That’s because there’s just less for IT to manage. However, headcount reduction isn’t always a good look in the news. As such, identify whether there are opportunities for better service delivery, such as through support or more frequent feature releases. Obviously, make sure the ROI is there. If so, reassign them there!

Cloud Computing Reduces the Need for Infrastructure

Cloud computing eliminates the need for on-premise hardware and servers. That means organizations can get started almost immediately on their websites and applications without worrying about an IT infrastructure. In general though, high-tech operations benefit the most from cloud computing. These operations typically demand computer clusters and data centers, requiring dedicated resources and plenty of floorspace to manage. By partnering with a cloud partner to migrate to or leverage the cloud, these same companies avoid the headaches of physically managing clusters and data centers. 

Increased Productivity through Cloud Computing

On average, deploying software in the cloud is significantly faster than the traditional method of installing software on devices. What took weeks or months to install software across a whole firm may take hours to deploy in the cloud. As a result, IT employees spend less time deploying and more time working. Because of increased employee productivity, cloud computing is an incredibly cost-effective resource for businesses to adopt.

The Bottom Line / TLDR

The hype is real and cloud computing is here to stay. Compared to traditional on-premise computing, the cloud offers advantages to IT by eliminating redundancies, increasing opportunity for remote work and collaboration, and retraining or specializing of existing personnel. Reach out to us below to review your cloud computing needs.

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