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Whether you’re looking for a fresh new look or a major overhaul, our website development services are designed to elevate your business to the next level.

We Are Uplancer

No matter what you’re selling, the first thing that customers do is Google search your company. Does your website even pop up when your company is searched? Are you proud of what they‘ll uncover after clicking your company website? Is your website even built for conversions?

If you feel your digital presence falls short to any of the above questions, chances are your sales are falling short too. We’re a team of tech experts who can enhance your digital presence and support any digital gaps in your organization. Based in the Midwest, we are engaged and passionate about everything websites. You’ll find that we always keep things simple, which makes it easy to work with us! 

Common Sense Website Development

Compared to other website developers, we definitely do things differently. We are hyper-focused on keeping things simple and trying to always avoid the complicated. Thats why you don’t see us using technical jargon to confuse you. We call it, digital common sense:

Results Drive Everything

The basis for any business decision must be grounded in results. For a website, that’s color, layout, speed, and conversions. Everything we build relies on past, present, and predicted data. Our goal is to make sure your website is driving results, and generating hot leads.

Cost-Conscious Customizations

We don’t tack on unnecessary months of overhead that you find with typical agencies. We just do things faster. That’s why we’re able to deliver custom websites at a fraction of the cost! 

Agility Focused Website Development

Why does it take longer for other web developers to build your website? We can build it quicker because our team is built to be agile, simplifying every part of your website development experience. Less complexity equals faster website turnaround time.

Websites Done Right the First Time

Going fast and saving money doesn’t mean you’ll get a half-baked site. We’ve got the right checks and balances in place: meticulous QA cycles, automated testing, and effective scoping. We succeed if you succeed, so we’ll go that extra mile to ensure that you’ve got a lasting and converting website!

Website Development Done Right Equals ROI

There are three types of digital: the we get it so we’re thinking about the next big thing; the set it and forget; and the wait until something happens before we do something. In today’s business, you’re behind your competitors if you aren’t thinking of the next big thing. Customer digital expectations are constantly changing and require continuous digital fine tuning to meet them.

We can help with your next big thing through search engine optimization, organic content, paid media, website development, and even design refreshes of your site. Once you’ve met customer digital expectations, ROI is sure to follow.

A Converting Website Machine

When you’re speaking the language of your customer, and you make their experience as fluid as possible, it’s a no brainer that you’ll convert. Stay proactive with your customers. Otherwise with a reactive approach, you may disappoint customers, funneling them towards your competitors.

First Impressions Are Everything

You don’t always get a second chance. So, why waste it? Build a website that wows your customers and invites them in for a long conversation.

Stronger Brand

We like brands that are current. So do your customers. Remember, you may be getting older but your buyers aren’t. If your site came from the last decade, then it’s time to rethink your website. Build sites that resonate with your present and future customers.

Cost Advantage

One of the most overlooked advantages of a well built site is reduced costs for your digital operations. When your site is consistently optimized, you start realizing cost savings through paid media and organic outreach. Why wouldn’t you invest in something that can save you heaps of money later?

Beyond Websites

We don’t label ourselves as web developers. We’re digital enablers who will expand and support your ongoing digital initiatives. We’ve built websites for hospitals, paid media campaigns for manufacturing equipment, web apps for healthcare testing, mobile apps for construction equipment, and digital marketing for a crypto company.

We do a lot of things digital and are industry agnostic. Our skills and experience are the primer for projects. Our partners are the paint, forming the team for tackling any problem. Learn how else you can use us as a primer:

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Our designers, animators, and UX/UI professionals are here to bring your vision to life. Your customers make decisions on whether they like your website in micro, subconscious moments. We focus on the most pleasing design and user experience to get your customers where they need to be and take the actions you want them to complete.

Project Centric


The Development and QA team at Uplancer is focused on one thing: bringing your solution to life. We embrace change and we do what needs to be done. We’re not about creating code-as-artwork. We’re giving life to a beautiful design.

Global Reach

Marketing / Brand Strategy

Who is my customer? What competitive pressure am I facing? What is my message? How am I driving demand? These are all questions our marketing strategy team will tackle for you. Marketing is like asking someone on a date, and branding is the reason they say yes. We’ll make sure your brand is positioned and communicating all the right things.