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East Ohio Regional Hospital Website Development

Find out how Uplancer provided a common-sense solutions to complicated problems at a regional hospital.

The Background

East Ohio Regional Hospital (EORH) was founded in 1906 by local physician Dr R.H. Wilson. In its humble beginnings, it had only five physicians and 30 beds. Today, the healthcare facility in downtown Martins Ferry, Ohio boasts 140 beds. It has expanded its services gradually over the years and integrated new state-of-the-art facilities. Continuing to provide exceptional, compassionate healthcare, EORH serves families in the community and beyond

After closing their doors, EORH was reopening them to the public and needed a complete website build. And so, John Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, turned to Uplancer to relaunch the hospital’s online platform to help restore client convenience and save precious time.

The Challenge: Rebuilding a Website That Restores Convenience

  • Lots of moving parts: Patients have always been at the forefront of everything that EORH does. To keep up with their patient needs, EORH required a marketing website that would not only integrate with a number of patient services, such as electronic medical records and customer relation management systems, but also work without interruptions.
  • Marketing challenge: EORH’s marketing team needed a solution that offered ease of use when updating the marketing marketing site. This solution needed to allow enough flexibility to make such updates while blocking updates on certain pages.
  • Growing IT needs: IT had their hands full; among other things, they were busy setting up technologies around patient care, such as personal health information access and protection. Any proposed solution would have to navigate through their busy workload.

    The Solution: Uplancer

    • One moving part: By taking the time to fully understand all of the requirements beforehand, Uplancer was able to build a website that could easily integrate with both patient and hospital services. EORH could turn those service connections on whenever they were ready to use them.
    • Marketing friendly: Uplancer chose Contentful as EORH’s content management system. In doing so, convenience became the focus for the marketing team; updates to content and images were done seamlessly without the risk of unwanted changes.
      • No servers: Uplancer moved everything to the cloud. This included getting rid of servers and cutting the previous bill by around 1000%. With the cloud managing the servers, EORH’s IT team did not have to use any servers, grow at scale and save unnecessary time and cost in maintaining the site.

        The Result

        With Uplancer’s web development expertise and insights, EORH now serves its patients with ease and comfort. Best of all, EORH managed to save itself valuable time and major operating costs.

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