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Mobile Health App Development

Complex problems require common sense solutions. Read how we helped Mobile Health use their existing cloud infrastructure to scale their business needs through a simple application.

The Background

Mobile Health is an award-winning leader in occupational health technology and runs more than 6,500 urgent care centers and labs in its network. Besides providing OSHA-compliant screening, They work to reduce COVID-19 transmission throughout the United States. In addition, they deliver COVID-19 testing, vaccine administration and respirator fit testing across the country, including hard-to-reach communities and essential workers.

While navigating their respirator fit test program through successful sales growth, Mobile Health needed enhancements to their existing digital platform. Thus, James Anderson, Chief Sales Officer of Mobile Health, turned to Uplancer.

The Challenge: Expanding Operations Without Breaking the System

  • Robust platform: While their current platform was perfect for the initial stages of product development, the new business growth introduced new problems and headaches. James and his team understood this well in advance and planned for some much needed platform enhancements. Additionally, the enhancements had to maintain the same highest-level of reliability present in their current platform. 
  • Growing pains: Mobile Health aimed to scale their current customer base to numbers unheard of before. They needed a partner that could keep their digital operations up to speed with this new business volume.
  • HIPAA compliance challenges: Being a leader in occupational health, Mobile Health was no stranger to the challenges of handling HIPAA compliance. Any solution that enhanced their system required rigorous setup and testing for HIPAA compliance, such as protecting patient data, controlling authorization and conducting risk assessments. 

    The Solution: Uplancer

    • Complete solution: By breaking down the existing platform, Uplancer was able to intimately understand the current and future needs of Mobile Health’s platform. With this knowledge, Uplancer took a simplified, yet effective approach; implement strategic enhancements that streamlined testing workflows with little to no downtime on platform. 
    • In-house upgrades: Uplancer went under the hood and built a solution that not only kept things in-house, but also scaled their business needs through the cloud. In doing so, Mobile Health’s digital operations simplified and could handle the new business volume intake with ease.
    • Meeting HIPAA compliance effectively: Thanks to the Uplancer’s HIPAA background, they could quickly and effectively deliver a HIPAA-compliant portal to Mobile Health. Mobile Health would continue protecting sensitive patient data at the highest national standards with the new platform.

      The Result

      With Uplancer’s help, James and his team achieved their ambitious goal of scaling up their operations to new levels. As a result, Mobile Health’s sales growth could skyrocket without the headaches that usually come with it.

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