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When you use right tools, complicated problems become easier problems to solve. Check out our service offerings below!


Common Sense Solutions

Do more when you take an all-around approach to your complex problem.

Product Development

When developing any new product, customer engagement is a high priority. We’ll lay the framework for your product while keeping your end users in mind. Along the way, we’ll help flush out crucial details about your product. The end result? A beautiful product that lives and breathes your business goals and needs.

Software Enhancements

Already have a product on the market and need to enhance its capabilities? Consider enhancements! We’ll dive into your current product to deeply understand the ins and outs of your product. We’ll leverage our experience from various industries and markets to ensure that any enhancement is built to maximize  your key KPIs.

Go to Market

When targeting a new market, having the right tools is just half the battle; the other half is understanding how to use them. As partners, we’ll help you uncover important design principles, user habits, and market trends. We’ll also help you digest this information so that strategies are seamlessly executed in any new market.


Software Development

Uplancer provides full-stack web, iOS, Android and desktop development services using industry best practices for coding, security, and native design principles. Our approach to development is simple as we strive to work on complex business and technological problems of today.

Cloud Development

Uplancer’s core team specializes in creating and deploying cloud solutions on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

AWS: We have AWS Certified Solutions Architects and Cloud Practitioners on our team to help take your next project to the cloud. Take advantage of the low operational costs and reliable cloud solutions on AWS to design scalable and resilient apps for your market.

Azure: Our experienced cloud solutions team also specializes in Microsoft Azure and helps you develop cloud solutions for your next project. Develop scalable and reliable solutions for your business with confidence.

Mobile Development

Two of the world’s most popular devices are at your fingertips. Extend your business into Android and iOS devices.

iOS: Build the next great iOS app with Uplancer. Our iOS development team stays current with the best practices and latest updates from Apple. We combine our experience with our philosophy of providing localized solutions to develop highly scalable and engaging apps for your business.

Android: We’ll help you create engaging Android apps using the best industry practices. Our localized approach helps businesses create apps with the native look and feel built just for users on an Android phone.

Web Development

The art of coding for web development is rather sophisticated. Unlike mobile apps, you have a myriad of languages to choose. At Uplancer, we believe that using the right tech stack for your product can make the difference between a user who signs up and a user who leaves the site. No matter the scale or scope of your project, we will help you provide a localized approach to your web app. We specialize in creating responsive web apps that work across devices of all shapes and sizes, helping you reach a wider audience in no time.

Other Software Development Services: Desktop Apps, Multi-Platform Apps, Cross-Platform Apps, and Custom Scripts.



Uplancer provides content and localization solutions for businesses in over 100 languages. Whether you’re embarking on a new marketing project or about to localize your app into new languages, we’ll help you succeed in your project.


Lacking inspiration for your next marketing campaign? Uplancer can help! We’ll help you create strategic and highly reusable content for different media. We bring our experience to the table and provide curated content that makes your business stand out among the rest.


Uplancer helps your business cross international borders and engage with a global audience with our localization solutions. We have culturally-aware, experienced professionals who work on global translation and localization projects on a daily basis. We’ll help you build a global brand without compromising on your brand identity.


Marketing to international customers is a challenge. Fortunately, we have experience generating fresh content for different languages using the original content. Transcreation helps you avoid awkward translations by using a more natural tone when conveying your message to the users.

Other Marketing Services: Paid Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Voiceover, Interpretation, Transcription, and Data Entry.


Creative Solutions

Uplancer boasts an incredible team of in-house talents and external partners who collaborate across language barriers, time-zones and contrasting design philosophies to deliver localized creative solutions for businesses.

UI/UX Design

Functionality and aesthetics are equally important for any UI/UX design project. However, at Uplancer, we take it a step further by ensuring that our designers follow the cultural and regulatory guidelines (like HIPAA) to deliver localized UI/UX Design solutions for a multilingual audience.

Landing Page Design

We understand that landing pages are the gateway to user conversions. We’ll implement the best industry practices to help you design responsive landing pages, according to your user proforma, language preferences, and any other specific requirements.

Logo Design

A logo is worth a thousand words for brands. We specialize in developing logos that stand the scrutiny of user opinion and the test of time. Our approach to designing a high-end logo is based on sound design principles, combining aesthetics and symbolism with elegance.

Other Creative Services: Tradeshow Marketing Kit Designs, Tradeshow Banner Design, Business Card Design, Animation Character Design, and Video Editing.

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