Digital Common Sense

Whether you need help app development, digital marketing, or software systems design, our method is always the same; to keep things simple.

Our Partners

Every day, we partner with successful startups, brands, and large companies to solve some of the world’s toughest problems.



Uplancer bridges the gap between business and technology by using a common sense approach.

Less Complicated

Keeping in mind cost, complexity, and business sense, we’ll ask the right questions upfront, so that you get the best simplified solution.


Speed to Market

Our small, yet agile team allows us to mitigate roadblocks to get your what you need up and running quickly.


Trusted Partner

As your partner, we help you remain hassle-free by supporting your team on an as-needed basis.



Our Work

Fortune 500 Medical Company

Sales is complicated; you’ve got software, personnel, and data at your disposal. See how we helped our partner leverage everything in a simple, yet elegant app.

Mobile Health Management

Complex problems require common sense solutions. Read how we helped Mobile Health use their existing cloud infrastructure to scale their business needs through one simple application.

East Ohio Regional Hospital

Opening a hospital back up to the public is a daunting task! We helped our hospital partner navigate this by reducing the amount of effort to manage their marketing site.


Powering Teams with Powerful Tools

Cloud Computing

Take your business to the cloud so that you can focus on rapid growth.


Stand out with our design team as you build out your brand.

Web Development

Support your marketing efforts while staying relevant during today’s digital age.

App Development

Whether it’s a mobile or web application, we can help you build the next visionary product.

Content Strategy

Grow your business through engaging content that resonates with your local or international audience.

Digital Marketing

Develop an omni-channel approach that will springboard your traffic and leads for your brand.


Digital Solutions for Different Industries


Navigating PHI and HIPAA is a huge undertaking. Fortunately, we’ve got the experience under our belt! With every partner, we ensure full compliance in every project, every step of the way.


One of many industries ripe for innovation, legal has proven to be a challenging, yet rewarding industry. We’re excited to leverage our past learnings to help you win and grow your business.

Supply Chain

The world is more connected than ever and as a result, tracking your business is quite a complex problem! Let us walk you through some of our solutions, which have proven results!


With fiat and crypto, PII is a major concern behind transactions. Compliance is key and is one of many reasons why we’ve been able to support large business growth in this space.


Regardless of gas or electric vehicles, one thing is for certain; automotive is here to stay! We’ve helped our partners scale their automotive technology and business to unprecedented levels.

Information Technology

Information technology isn’t tied to just one industry; it spans across all businesses and is paving the way for digital expectations. We support these growing teams on new and current projects.

What Our Partners

Have Said

Hear what people are saying about us!

As with any new development project there are developmental ups and downs, but Uplancer continues to provide support and guidance in this process. We have enjoyed working with the team at Uplancer and would recommend them for your development project or other applications.

Mark Johnson

President, My Life Legacy

It was an efficient and seamless experience. My team came in with the ideas and requirements and they took that and translated it into the full creation. There were multiple times when we came in with an idea and they then made suggestions to improve it or helped us rework it to flow better in the overall app. It was a great experience to work with Uplancer.

Stewart N Davis

Senior Licensing Manager, The Ohio State University

Working with uplancer was an excellent experience. At times we were unsure of best practice and gave them little to go on, yet they still produced high quality results and filled the gaps. Our collaboration with them on the Korean version of our mobile app resulted in a 100% increase in Korean monthly active mobile users.

Marek Michalski

Product Manager, Liquid

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