It doesn’t have to be complicated. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you navigate the Cloud!


    Why Work With Uplancer?

    At Uplancer, we stand behind the idea that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Our certified cloud experts don’t just throw technical jargon at you to as a knowledge flex. We make business sense out of your technical needs and build a solution that is simple and easy to maintain. That’s the Uplancer way.

    Less Complicated

    We’ll walk you through your tech solutions while keeping in mind cost, complexity, and business sense. We’ll also ask the hard questions upfront, so that you get a simplified solution.

    Speed to Market

    Our small, yet agile team allows us to mitigate roadblocks to get your cloud solution up and running quickly.

    Trusted Partner

    Unsure of how to maintain your cloud solutions? As your partner, we help you remain hassle-free by supporting your team as and when needed.


    Looking for More Proof?

    Check out our case studies below to see how we’ve brought common sense solutions to complex problems.

    Fortune 500 Medical Company

    Sales enablement is complicated; you’ve got software, personnel, and data at your disposal. See how we helped our partner leverage everything in a simple, yet elegant app built in the cloud.

    Mobile Health Management

    Complex problems require common sense solutions. Read how we helped Mobile Health use their existing cloud infrastructure to scale their business needs through one simple application.

    East Ohio Regional Hospital

    Opening a hospital back up to the public is a daunting task. We simplified things for the hospital by building their marketing site in the cloud, reducing the effort to manage it.

    Our Partners

    Every day, we partner with funded startups, brands, and large companies to localize their digital products and services.